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Pisay Tulong Dunong: Outreach Training-Workshop for Teachers on Content and Pedagogy/ STEM in Action


Philippine Science High School Bicol Region Campus (PSHS-BRC)


Pisay Tulong Dunong: Outreach Training-Workshop for Teachers on Content and Pedagogy / STEM in Action is a project spearheaded by the Philippines Science High School – Bicol Campus (PSHS-BRC) as part of its extension activity and outreach program. Equipped with teaching faculty who are trained in various fields of sciences as well as the facilities ideal for teaching these subjects, the campus is at an ideal position to share their expertise to other science teachers in the Bicol Region.

Background and Problem

As an attached agency of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), PSHS-BRC is mandated to establish a culture of excellence in science and technology in the country. Moreover, the school has the responsibility to strengthen the status of science and technology in the country by focusing more on developing future scientists and engineers. 

Pisay Tulong Dunong was established by the PSHS-BRC more than ten (10) years ago with the purpose of creating a culture of excellence in science and technology through mentorship and sharing of expertise in terms of content and pedagogies, as well as capacitating teachers with the current trends in teaching science, protocols, and standards in science and future directions of science and technology research.

Solution and Impact

Pisay Tulong Dunong provides free services to science teachers throughout the Bicol Region. A baseline study on the needs of science teachers is conducted every year to identify correct training designs that are suited to the needs of teachers. Done in collaboration with the Department of Education (DepEd) Region V, the program has already trained around 360 teachers for the past 12 years. 

In 2018, teachers were trained in STEM Education as well as the different approaches and equipment that could facilitate the success of STEM Education in Bicol. Discussions on Physics, Biology, and Chemistry Units were conducted in parallel sessions for various science teachers. The initiative is deemed equally beneficial to the faculty of the PSHS-BRC as well, who continuously serve as facilitators and trainers. The activity does not only allow them to acquire mastery of their field of expertise, but also gave them self-fulfillment as they extend help to teachers in need of their technical assistance. 

The campus also benefits from this initiative by establishing a network and partnership with DepEd schools. This allows the organization to maximize the campaign for National Competitive Examination Takers.


In the future, the proponents aim to focus the workshop on STEM Education, being one of the current and future trends in education. Moreover, the campus would like to focus more on the actual needs of teachers by strengthening the baseline study being conducted and hopes to conduct a research study on the impact of the initiative in the performance of the teacher-participants.