This is an Entry to the Government Best Practice Recognition Awards




Department of Public Works and Highways NCR


Mandated to implement the National Infrastructure Projects which includes supervision from detailed engineering to completion of projects. It involves Planning, Design, Construction and Maintenance of National Roads, Bridges, and Infrastructures within the Limit of Authority of the 5th, and 6th Districts of Manila and lone District of Pasay City.

Background and Problem

The Project was started to build the Work Improvement Team of the Organization. The main objective of this is to support the Preparation for the ISO 9001:2008   Certification through the implementation of 5S, and to give feedback and suggestions to improve processes.

The Work Improvement Team was chosen using the following criteria:

  • Have a genuine concern for the office
  • Can influence others and can share information
  • Display a responsible attitude and are organized
  • Observe discipline in their work

Solution and Impact

The impact of this project is ensuring that the Department will deliver service with a “WOW”. The project also exceeded customer satisfaction through quick and timely response, quality service with a smile, monitoring and evaluation of results, research and development, innovations, documentation of the reforms introduced, and identification of niche.


Next steps

  • Training, seminars, and workshops
  • Evaluation of Work Improvement Team performance
  • Regular feedback gathering
  • Benchmarking