The establishment of OneExpert as a unified platform for the delivery of scientific and technical services and as a dynamic database of experts and consultants is an initiative to support the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) mandate to provide leadership and coordination of the country’s scientific and technological efforts to benefit the people. This project, spearheaded by Engr. Rowen R. Gelonga, Regional Director of the DOST VI, started in November 2016 with the development of the online portal of S&T experts and consultants tapped by DOST, coming from its agencies, the academe, other government agencies, and the private sector.

Background and Problem

The delivery of S&T services is hindered by the following major constraints:

  • Lack of comprehensive information on available S&T experts in the country; and
  • Logistical and financial constraints in bringing experts to the countryside.

With these challenges, OneExpert aims to

  • Establish a nationwide pool of S&T experts;
  • Improve access to available DOST technology databases;
  • Develop a portal for accessing the pool of S&T experts and technology databases;
  • Encourage involvement of local scientists, researchers, and other technical people from the public and private sectors in addressing S&T problems of the country;
  • Encourage information and knowledge sharing among local scientists and researchers;
  • Enhance the use of ICT in the delivery of government programs, projects, and services; and,
  • Deploy personnel to the countryside to facilitate delivery of S&T services.

Solution and Impact

OneExpert’s central component is an online portal and associated mobile applications. The portal is an interactive web-based nationwide pool of S&T experts intended to provide technical advice and consultancy services to Filipinos anywhere they are in the Philippines. It is also designed to improve access to experts and technologies particularly by people living outside of the major urban centers where most research and technical institutions are located. In the same manner, OneExpert will likewise bring the services of any accredited expert located anywhere in the Philippines to clients that need S&T assistance. The website can be accessed through using any desired browser. There are four types of users in the portal, namely:

  1. General public
  2. Registered users
  3. Consultants/Experts
  4. Administrators.

Administrators from the DOST Regional Offices enroll their accredited experts and consultants to the portal. The enrolled experts and consultants need to activate their account, upload their photo, and provide information regarding their specialization and expertise in profile in order to be visible and searchable in the pool of experts. Administrators are also the ones who manage consultancy engagements and provision of technical assistance in the portal. The general public that visits the portal can view basic information of all active experts, but only registered users can view the full profile of the experts, interact with them, and avail of DOST consultancy and technical services. Any visitor with a valid email address can register in the portal in order to access the full features of the portal.


  • Establishment of a comprehensive and robust database of S&T Experts. To date, there are 710 experts enrolled in the portal.
  • Development of harmonized guidelines in the implementation of consultancy programs and technology training courses. Prior to OneExpert, the DOST Regional Offices have been implementing their consultancy programs differently in terms of scope, deliverables, procedures, etc.
  • Development of an internet portal, information systems, and mobile apps intended to improve accessibility and delivery of S&T services to MSMEs. OneExpert was able to develop, roll out, and maintain IT-based systems to significantly improve access by MSMEs and the general public to DOST services.