National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC)

Best Practice Focus Area/s

Human Resource

Year Implemented

1 September 2020 – present

This is a GBPR entry


The NHMFC officers and employees use this to record their daily attendance. The creation of the daily attendance through Google Forms aims to record the NHMFC employees’ daily timekeeping. They also monitor each employee’s health assessment and record whether they will work from home or be part of the skeleton workforce.

Background and Problem

The challenge for this project is that not all employees are techy. All employees should also have an internet connection to submit their responses. An orientation before the implementation was conducted. The rank-and-file employees joined the Group Head, together with the other officers, and it was explained to everyone the importance of using the form and how to use it. Before the implementation, a Memorandum was released. It was officialized that they will use the form for the employee’s daily attendance record, health assessment, and contact tracing.

Solution and Impact

The daily attendance is being used and implemented by the NHMFC Head Office personnel and the Regional and Satellite Office personnel, including all regular and agency-hired employees. Health Assessment is also included in the form. Employees are aware that this will be used as a contract tracing tool. All employees should strictly comply in filling out the form daily. Employees get used to using it due to filling out the form daily and seeing to it that they submitted the form successfully. In the event that there will be a missing log, the employee will email HRD on the reason why there is such. Implementing the Daily Attendance was able to organize the employees’ whereabouts. This approach ensured that all employees were accountable and showed the employees’ health status.


The implementation of the approach resulted in the real-time checking of attendance of all the employees. This is paperless, and with just one click, they can already do the contact tracing of their employees. The QR Code and the link used are still being used as of this time. Officers and employees are now used to using the daily attendance.