The project developed a mobile application as an enhanced dissemination service for prices of agri-food commodities in response to the changing technology that requires instant access to data. In the course of developing the mobile application, the title “Presyo sa Palengke” (PsP) mobile app has been coined.

Background and Problem

The enhancement of the data system for prices is a continuing concern of the PSA. The agency has to respond to the demand of clients and stakeholders for a more timely release of price data. This underscores the critical role of the mode of data delivery. Thus, the PSA has to continue to find ways that are easy to use, dynamic, and interactive to improve its delivery systems. Effective and efficient data delivery is crucial in the data system for prices of agri-food commodities. The old or traditional system in generating and disseminating prices has to be enhanced using the state of the art technology that is currently available.

Solution and Impact

The project devised a framework for the development of a prototype mobile application. It has three (3) major components. First, database transformation application should be developed to serve as a web interface between the source database and the mobile app. Another component is the consultation features where the objective is to get inputs from stakeholders regarding the elements and sustainability of an application. The third component is the mobile application development. The mobile application was developed initially as a web app using existing web technologies and packaged as a hybrid app using PhoneGap software.

The mobile app as the main output enhances the data delivery of retail prices of agri-food commodities which enables clients and stakeholders to monitor price trends wherever and whenever by using mobile devices with Internet connection.


In solving this issue about the functionality of the system and its database, it brought forth the development of a price database, a data capture and processing system, web-services, and a fully operational mobile app. In addition, users’ manuals and system documentation have been prepared for future reference.

The PsP mobile app is undeniably a useful tool for clients and stakeholders. To ensure its sustainability, a reliable data capture system for prices should be developed. The continuous enhancement of the app is necessary. A continuing advocacy on the use of the PsP is also important. Furthermore, upgrades to its hardware and network components and a backup system are essential.

Note: This initiative is based on the Public Management Development Program (PMDP) Re-Entry Plan of Mr. Jing B. Jalisan of the PMDP Middle Manager Class Batch 10 (Binhi).