Ceremonial protocol is the body of rules and practices that are used in formal and official functions, which have evolved through the years. The Lecture on Protocol and Social Graces is a free on-site program conducted by the Office of Protocol (OP) upon the invitation of the client who could be from national government offices, Local Government Units (LGUs) and even corporate organizations and schools to impart knowledge on protocol and social graces consistent with accepted local and international best practices. It is an adoption of an existing practice but is regularly updated. No two presentations are the same as every single presentation is customized according to the needs of the client.

Background and Problem

The office has no record of the first time this program was done and for whom. Aside from imparting knowledge on protocol and social graces, it is also the program’s objective to harmonize protocol practices across sectors, i.e., public, private.

Solution and Impact

The program was conceptualized to address the skills gap that the clients have in hosting official functions and events and attending to high level public figures. Since every program is specially designed for the needs and expectations of the client, the Office of Protocol works closely with the client in identifying the focus areas (e.g., how to handle airport official arrivals and departures, how to prepare official meetings, choice of appropriate gifts, etc.). From this, the Office of Protocol conceptualizes a program to address each area of concern. Components included:

  • Identifying the client’s immediate objective areas of concern;
  • Preparation of the program based on the client’s needs;
  • Client’s review and approval of the draft framework of presentation;
  • Program finalization;
  • Actual presentation;
  • Interaction with the client to address other possible concerns;
  • Client feedback


Some clients engaged by the Office of Protocol have created their own protocol units, thereby institutionalizing the training that the program has imparted.

Next Steps

Continuous skills development of Office of Protocol personnel.