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Kapatiran Laban sa TB: A continuing initiative in ensuring patient-centered care.


Cotabato Regional and Medical Center

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Customer and Citizen focus

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“Kapatiran” is a term meaning brotherhood or fellowship. “Kapatiran Laban sa TB” is not just a support group of patients but also a group where healthcare workers unite to end TB. It was established in 2014.

A monthly general assembly is conducted to strengthen the Programmatic Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis. Over the years, the assemblies conducted were tailored fit to the patients’ needs and the Department of Health program calendar. In 2018, drug-susceptible TB patients were included.

The brotherhood did not stop at the general assemblies. Quarterly, the healthcare workers conduct home visitations and drug deliveries to decentralized patients at their communities, putting patients in the center of the Kapatiran.

Background and Problem

The conduct of general assemblies have the following objectives:

  1. Develop support among fellow TB patients in terms of moral and emotional reinforcement;
  2. For the families and significant others not to stigmatize their patients;
  3. For the health workers to collaborate with the patient in dealing with their illness; and
  4. For the TB Center to synergize the patient-centered care

Solution and Impact

As a patient-centered facility, an annual schedule of assemblies is planned. (see Annex 2) Topics that have been discussed this 2019 include:

  • January (New Year’s Resolution and Facility Rules and Regulations);
  • February (Heart Month -Ako at ang Aking Puso),
  • March (World TB Day-Ako Laban sa TB),
  • April (ENT “Ang importansya ng Aking Paningin + Pangkabuhayan – Pen Holder Making),
  • May (HIV Awareness “Ako Laban sa HIV”),
  • June (National Kidney Month “Ako at ang Aking Mga Bato”) and
  • July (Nutrition Month And Pangkabuhayan – Verna Maja Blanca and Calamansi-Kangkong Juice).

Understanding their disease is the first step to prevent interruption from medication. Directional signages and IECs were translated to Maguindanaon – showing that the patients are at the center of care. Grocery packs provide additional incentive for them to continue treatment and become advocates against TB themselves. An increase in TB screening rate indicates an increase in the awareness of TB and its curable nature. Gone are the days which stigmatize TB. The patient-centered care extends even to the communities as documented visits are done. “Pangkabuhayan” topics empower the patients to help them sustain up until post-treatment status.


Very good response and feedback have been consistent  in their Ebalwasyon ng Programming Pangkalusugan from patients and their significant others.

 CRMC TB Center was awarded:

  •  Top 1 Performing Hospital in Region XII, 2015
  •  Top Performer Hospital in DOTS Implementation for 2015, 2016
  •  Hospital DOTS Excellence Award, 2016
  •  Hospital DOTS Diamond Awardee, 2016
  •  Best in Drugs and Supplies Management since 2016
  •  Best in Grant Management, 2017
  •  Recognition for the Outstanding Achievement and Contribution in
  •  National TB Program, 2017
  •  Grand Prize Winner, Video “Unity in Diversity: One Against TB and Other Lung Diseases,” The Union Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, 2019

The next step is to pursue the center’s Green Initiative: “Kapatiran Para sa Kalikasan.” Through the assistance of donors, a healing garden using recycled materials as pots will be put up at the TB Center. Herbs and ornamental plants that will be for sale will help reduce the catastrophic costs of TB.