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IPCR and OPCR: The Power of Coaching and Empowering among Employees


Municipality of Tubod

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Human Resource Engagement


The religious implementation of the Results Performance Management System (RPMS) of the LGU-Tubod through the semesterly evaluation of employees’ IPCR and OPCR provides a venue to coach and empower the workers to become effective and efficient service providers to the LGU’s constituents. At first, the program was initiated by the Municipal Mayor and the Human Resource Management Officer. Then, the Performance Management Team was reorganized through an Executive Order No. series of 2018. The team restarted and reinvented the said program. The program is just an adoption from the Civil Service Commission. The LGU-Tubod modified the IPCR and OPCR by redefining the success indicators and setting the targets which are very achievable by the employees based on their position and capacity. The 1st-semester evaluation results would be the basis for the coaching and mentoring of the employees and offices on how to achieve their targets.

Background and Problem

Before, the Performance Management Team was inactive. Employees would just have set their own targets. This scenario faced a lot of problems. There were offices that did not perform well and received many complaints from the constituents for a low-quality service provided. The employees had no clear directions on what would be to accomplish. This situation prompted the leaders to strategically plan on how to address the issues and challenges of the LGU-Tubod. Thus, the semesterly assessment Office Performance Commitment Review (OPCR) and Individual Performance Commitment Review among Heads of Office and employees generally aims to coach the low-performing offices and employees on how to heighten their productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Specifically, it aims to (a) determine the gray areas on the processes of each office; (b) to improve the quality of services of each employee, and (c) to improve the work performance of the employees. Through this program, the organization would grow and develop and would provide quality services to the public. It also boosts the morale of the employees as they would have a clear direction for their work.

Solution and Impact

With the semesterly assessment of IPCR and OPCR, the employees have a clearer and better understanding of their worth and importance making them effective and efficient in their respective fields. It really changes the performance of the employees as they become empowered and self-initiated individuals after the coaching done with them.

The methodology employed in this program was a one-on-one conversation and small group discussion. The Performance Management Team (PMT) conducted a discussion with the employees individually and in small groups about the things they need to be attained every semester. A meeting was conducted to reorganize the PMT. The duties and responsibilities of the PMT were thoroughly discussed.

The PMT visited the offices for the target setting and discussed with the employees the importance of providing quality services to all LGU’s clientele. The PMT coached the employees and facilitated them to heighten their work performance. Due to the better understanding and agreement among the employees and PMT, quality services were provided to the customers in a fast and most convenient way. Through the reactivation and reorganization of the PMT, employees have a better understanding of their OPCR and IPCR which would be the basis of their performance.

There is an emphasis on teamwork and commitment in every office which leads to the achievement of the mission, vision, and common goals of the local government unit. With the IPCR and OPCR of the employees, the organization ensures better results in the delivery of services. There is really a drastic change in the whole organization as to the provision of services among the people of Tubod and other stakeholders of LGU-Tubod.


Through the semesterly assessment of the OPCR and IPCR of the employees, it brought a lot of achievement to the LGU-Tubod. LGU-Tubod passed the Seal of Good Local Governance and Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance. The Municipal Health Office was nominated regional for Purple Award on Family Planning and received 1st Place in the Health Scorecard in the whole Caraga Region. The Municipal Social Works and Development Office was awarded as Most Functional MSWDO in Caraga Region. This year, LGU-Tubod was the only eligible agency in the whole province of Surigao del Norte to grant the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB).