Department of Education – Schools Division of Dumaguete City

Best Practice Focus Area/s

Strategy, Operations

Year Implemented

School Year 2020-2021

This is a GBPR Entry.


The DepEd Schools Division of Dumaguete City has adopted several online programs that feature flexible implementation arrangements to help address concerns with the continuity of learning during the COVID-19 crisis. Five such programs focusing on instruction and curriculum development were implemented: the research-based 2SOD (2 Subjects in One Day) Curriculum, Dumaguete Learning Resource Portal, Chada Today TV, Sugilanon sa Kahanginan, and Online/Distance Learning Modality.

Background and Problem

With the enforcement of restrictions on travel and gatherings brought about by the spread of COVID-19, the Schools Division of Dumaguete City decided to prioritize ensuring the continuity of learning, together with the active involvement of all teachers, parents, and the community. This introduced an opportunity to explore and promote the transition into more sustainable, responsive, and resilient schools, highlighting along the way the crucial role of research and innovation in the education system and the need for reinforced partnerships and cooperation between schools and stakeholders.

Solution and Impact

The DepEd Schools Division of Dumaguete City has taken several measures to address the crisis, starting with the adoption of several online programs that address the flexibility and accessibility needs of their beneficiaries. A survey conducted in June 2020 found out that around 90% of enrollees have cellphones or other gadgets with access to the internet, giving the Division a ready avenue to provide easy access to education while reducing the exposure of students, teachers, and school staff to possible infection.

The following programs, designed to contributing to the development of DepEd’s Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs), were implemented as part of this effort:

  1. 2SOD (2 Subjects in One Day) Curriculum is a research-based intervention that adopts a streamlined teaching schedule.
  2. Learning Resource Portal is a Division-made website used as an online repository of instructional materials from Kindergarten to Grade 12, which are made readily available to teachers to be used for instruction.
  3. Chada Today TV features lessons from Kindergarten to Grade 3, the formative years of children, which supplement the modular instruction given to said learners. Airing of these lessons started on October 12, 2020, and will run until the end of the school year.
  4. Sugilanon sa Kahanginan is a radio-based instruction program focusing on values education through stories shared on-air by selected teachers of the Division.
  5. Online/Distance Learning is provided by the Division through its official partnership with the education service platform Edmodo.

Milestones/Next Steps

At the time of writing, all five programs are ongoing at both elementary and secondary school levels. In recognition of these efforts, the Schools Division of Dumaguete City received the “Most Outstanding Division” award from DepEd Region VII.