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Indigenous Rain Gauge


Pangasinan Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office

Year Implemented



Rain gauges are used to measure the amount of rainfall in a certain area. They enable users to quickly assess the situation during a weather disturbance through this apparatus thus proving itself as a helpful tool in disaster preparedness. Based on the function and framework of a rain gauge, the Pangasinan PDRRMO conceived the idea of devising a DIY, eco-friendly rain gauge. Made from used plastic water bottles, this easy-to-make rain gauge will not only aid in disaster preparedness but also in the fight against climate change. The indigenous rain gauge was launched in 2017 and became an integral part of every Disaster Risk Reduction training that the office facilitates.

During severe weather disturbances, the province always advises preemptive evacuation to prevent residents from being trapped by raging floods or being caught by landslides. Communities from far-flung areas may not be able to acquire these advisories or may not take it seriously thinking that these are just speculations since the situation seems alright. As a result, they are unable to evacuate in time before the scenario escalates prompting the agencies and offices involved in response efforts to deploy their rescue teams to bring them to safety. From these experiences, the office sought a way wherein the communities would be able to assess the situation in real-time even without an outside source. Hence, the indigenous rain gauge was devised.

Background and Problem

The indigenous rain gauge is found to be useful in areas that do not have Automated Weather Stations (AWS). Its cost-efficiency is a huge factor for its function as an accessible early warning device. Immediate results can be seen as more and more Local DRRMOs use the device as their tool to assess the current situation and plan possible course actions. Then Local DRRM officers along with their community members are taught during LAP for them to be able to utilize this device.

Solution and Impact

Monitoring rainfall amounts for communities where the training in crafting the rain gauge was conducted is now armed with a new tool to help them in preparing for possible evacuation and in anticipating other possible outcomes whenever there is a weather event. The Pangasinan PDRRMO will conduct more training while integrating the indigenous rain gauge along the way.