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I Love Pangasinan Kalusugan Karavan (ILPKK)


Provincial Government of Pangasinan

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Leadership, Strategic Management

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The I Love Pangasinan Kalusugan Karavan (ILPKK) is one of the flagship health programs of the Provincial Government of Pangasinan administered by the Provincial Health Office (PHO). A brainchild project of the provincial chief executive of Pangasinan, Governor Amado I. Espino, III, this program kicked off in barangay Barlo, the town of Mabini on September 23, 2016.

More than a breakthrough in the province, the ILPKK (commonly known as Kalusugan Karavan) has expanded the scope of the medical services by bringing the healthcare directly to the underprivileged locals, especially to those who hail from far-flung barangays in Pangasinan.

Background and Problem

One of the primary goals of the present administration is to achieve optimum health for the people of Pangasinan through the provision of quarterly and affordable medical services. The Kalusugan Karavan serves as a key element in upholding the strategic direction of the Pangasinan PHO, to make “Pangasinan the home of the healthiest Filipinos.” This mobile healthcare program primarily aims to reach a wider group of beneficiaries and hence, reduce the gap between the provincial government and the communities on access to basic health services. With the enormous population in Pangasinan settled in remote areas, Kalusugan Karavan fast-tracks the delivery of medical services to the grassroots level and has been steadfast in assisting senior citizens, pregnant mothers, and pupils of the chosen recipient barangays. More so, the Kalusugan Karavan aims to prevent and control infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis and to provide awareness on nutritional value by providing free-of-charge medical assistance.

Solution and Impact

The health caravan team, spearheaded by Pangasinan First Lady Karina Padua-Espino and Provincial Health Officer II (PHO) Dr. Anna Ma. Teresa S. De Guzmán, go around barangay to barangay to bring medical services closer to the people. Kalusugan Karavan’s components expand beyond the provision of medical consultations and laboratory services to thousands of residents from grade school pupils to senior citizens. The mobile health caravan also offers supplemental feeding, tuberculosis control program, skin disease consultation, dengue control program, potable water access, animal rabies vaccination, and hygiene kits distribution for pregnant mothers. As the health caravan reached its 3rd season, few more services contributed to help Pangasinenses including the eye refraction test and haircutting among others. Maximizing the advantages of this health program, Kalusugan Karavan’s schedule was stretched to three days a week.

On March 4, 2019, the Pangasinan provincial board passed Provincial Ordinance 223-2019 entitled, “An ordinance institutionalizing and strengthening the ‘I Love Pangasinan Kalusugan Karaban’ mobile healthcare program of the province and appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes,” to backstop the implementation of the mobile health caravan.

The intensive health program continues to bear a good impact based on the report of Pangasinan PHO (2016-2017). There is a significant decrease in the following: dengue death cases (18 to 16), acute gastroenteritis death (48 to 45), rabies death (16 to 6). The immunization program increased the percentage of senior citizens protected against flu and pneumonia while the chest x-ray contributed to enhancing the Case Detection Rate of pulmonary tuberculosis. Overall, the Kalusugan Karavan lowered the risk of hospital admission in the 14 government-run hospitals in the provincial government from 156,372 in 2016 to 153,837 in 2017.  As of April 2, 2019, the Provincial Government of Pangasinan already conducted 204 Kalusugan Karavan episodes.


The Kalusugan Karavan reached its 5th season and has successfully served over 1,069 barangays in the province of Pangasinan. The services included in the mobile health caravan continue to increase as the provincial government assures that up-to-date and effective apparatus and means are provided for better implementation of the health programs in Pangasinan. Recently, the Kalusugan Karavan launched its own Mobile Diagnostic and Treatment Clinic Bus, an added attribute in addition to the two existing dental buses, equipped with apparatuses like a digital X-ray machine, laboratory for blood chem, urinalysis, hematology and operating room for minor surgeries.