This is an Entry to the Government Best Practice Recognition Awards


Gene Expert Site Facility


Bayambang District Hospital

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Leadership, Customer and citizen focus, Strategic performance management

Year Implemented



The Bayambang District Hospital (BDH) as Genexpert site Facility considered as the Best Practice of the institution because of its performance in rendering services on Tuberculosis (TB), GENExpert as such. The Bayambang District Hospital as Genexpert site Facility was identified and Initiated by the Provincial Health Office in collaboration with The Department of Health (DOH) and Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP). TB in the Philippines remains a public health priority that’s why they engaged numerous hospitals to meet the target in which to increase TB case detection, to measure the contribution of hospitals to the country’s overall TB control program. A review of the hospital’s TB case finding effort is necessary. A periodic data record and report validation that reflects progress or hospital performance shall be a venue for monitoring, evaluating the sharing of experiences, and ensuring data quality. Also to reduce the burden of TB by providing sustainable diagnostic services for all presumptive TB patients.

GENEXPERT is one of the procedures for the early detection of Tuberculosis. The accuracy of detection of drug-resistance between the phenotypic DST and the Xpert MTB/RIF is equal, but Xpert can detect drug resistance much faster from around less than a day compared to the average 75 days of the phenotypic DST. It is the Program of the DOH, PBSP which was co-owned and implemented. Commitment, strict implementation, and monitoring is the greatest contribution and challenges with the help of all BDH employees and Interlocal Health Zone catchment municipalities.

The Best Practice as GENExpert site Facility as well in TB Program started on May 3, 2016 with AO No. 2016-004 as a Hospital TB Team was created and composed of Physician, Nurse, a medical technologist for the implementation of the TB DOTS Program and shall function both as internal coordinating Team and interface the hospital departments and provincial and regional levels of the NTP including peripheral DOTS facilities.

Background and Problem

The objectives of the project are:

To ensure that All TB suspect are provided with quality TB services

  • All patients are properly referred to DOTS/GENExpert Facility
  • To reduce the burden of Tuberculosis by providing sustainable diagnostic services for presumptive TB patient
  • All TB cases are notified to the NTP through the prescribed reporting system

Solution and Impact

A TB-DOTS Team was created to identify the place where to put up the clinic, send personnel to be trained and comply with statutory requirements to be accredited and certified by the DOH and Philhealth as well. At first, it was very hard to start and meet the target because of the patient’s way of thinking or behavior.

The GENExpert site Facility started last 2017. While waiting for the Memorandum of Agreement the LGU started to perform the procedure both in and outpatient with the help of trained personnel and catchment RHUs. Accomplishments for the TB DOTS Program as well as the GENExpert give a positive impact and high contribution not only for the organization, clients, Rural Health Units but also for the Provincial Level. The most important thing is the client recovery and the overall impact is the improvement of both Hospital and LGU scorecard.


  • Increased case detection rate and treatment success rate.
  • Hospital Delivery of Tuberculosis Services excellence award.
  • Recognition awards from the Department of Health.