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Establishment of Supply Inventory System for Commonly Used Supplies


City Government of Tanauan

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Process management and improvement

Year Implemented



An accurate inventory of supplies on stock is performed and monitored from time to time using Agency Procurement Request to purchase from DBM Procurement Service up to the delivery of supplies in the stockroom and releasing of the same to end-users. Inventory Report is prepared every end of the month after the physical counting of supplies, encoded in the computer ledger, and updated in the stock card. It is a new innovation on the management of office supplies started last 2011.

Background and Problem

The objective is to have an accurate inventory of commonly used supplies which is done every end of the month. Before this innovation, the office did not have commonly used supplies ready for issuance/release and did not conduct a physical inventory of supplies on stock resulting in no record available. The order of supplies is placed only upon the approval of the Requisition Issue Slip from the budget office and it takes time to request supplies starting from GSO costing of Requisition Issue Slip, next is to Budget Office for obligation and waiting for the issuance of approved Requisition Issue Slip.

Solution and Impact

The procurement process is followed in that all commonly used supplies available to the Procurement Service must be procured and establish the average maintaining balance of each item. Schedule of the date of purchase to Procurement Service and cut off of submission of Requisition and Issue Slip from various Offices were established. All receiving Requisition Issue Slip (RIS) is properly recorded in the logbook from the time of receipt up to actual issuance of supplies. If the requested supplies are not available in the Procurement Service, a Purchase Request is immediately prepared as an alternative method to replace the unavailable item.


  • Fast release of Approval Requisition Issue Slip.
  • Easy tracking and checking the available balance of commonly used supplies due to availability of Inventory Report, updated Stock Card and Supplies Directory.
  • Commonly used supplies are readily available.
  • Established a  proper schedule of releasing of Requisition and Issue Slip.
  • Maintain the available balance of commonly used supplies on the stock.
  • The satisfaction of the end-user.
  • Benchmarking partner.
  • Organized stock filing of supplies on the stock with labels on their respective rack.