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Establishment of Hypertension and Diabetes Club in Adopted Community


Jose B. Lingad Memorial Regional Hospital

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Customer and citizen focus, Strategic performance management

Year Implemented



The Hypertension and Diabetes Club was first established in 2016 by the Department of Health (DOH). It is a nationwide program that aims to treat patients with Hypertension and Diabetes. This program intends to allow patients to avail of free maintenance medications for elevated Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Diabetes. In line with the DOH’s drive to bring quality healthcare to the community, the Department decided to establish its first Hypertension/Diabetes Club in Brgy. San Agustin. All the stakeholders met and gathered to draft the mission/vision and to elect its first set of officers. In July 2019, the Club had its re-election of officers and signing of the Declaration of Commitment, witnessed by all the stakeholders.

Background and Problem

The main objective of this practice is to provide free medical consultation, facilitate the distribution of free maintenance medicines for High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Diabetes in order to control and prevent the complications of these non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and above all, to empower the Barangay Health Workers and members of the Club to address the needs of the patients and take care of themselves respectively.

Solution and Impact

The increased rate of mortality due to NCDs such as Hypertension and Diabetes prompted the DOH to establish the Hypertension and Diabetes Club. This project intends to address the need of every Filipino person afflicted with this NCD to avail of free maintenance medicines. However, the establishment of the project was not easily recognized and was not properly disseminated nationwide hence not everyone benefits from it. As this project became an act, all government district hospitals, health centers, and barangay health centers are mandated to provide free maintenance medicines. However, Primary Care Physicians recognize that it is not enough to provide free maintenance medicines. They also consider the importance of proper guidance, through the sharing of knowledge about the illness and continuous monthly follow-ups with these patients. In 2016, the Department started to become more involved with the adopted community. The Department established a monthly follow-up check-up with the ill residents of the community. In July 2019, a re-election for the officers of the Hypertension and Diabetes Club was held. The fruits of the combined efforts of this project can be evidenced by the controlled blood pressure and blood sugar of all patients enrolled in the club based on the census.


After 3 years of continuous follow-up consultation and giving of free maintenance medicines to patients enrolled in the Hypertension and Diabetes Club, the majority of them have controlled blood pressure as well as blood sugar. Aside from these advancements, patients have increased awareness and knowledge regarding their medical condition. There is a significant improvement in the health-seeking behavior of every individual in the community as evidenced by the increasing number of consultations in the healthcare facility.