Implementing Agency:

Municipal Government of Loon, Bohol

Year Implemented:

2017 – present


Management for Productivity, Quality and Agility, and Digitization & New Technologies

General Description

The ELBI 2.0 (Enhanced Loon Business One-Stop Shop Initiative 2.0) streamlines the application process for business permits in Loon, Bohol by leveraging citizens’ familiarity with the internet and smartphones.

Background and Problem

Business permit renewal is an annual requirement for  business owners. Before the implementation of ELBI 2.0, the transaction took ten steps, and involved filling up five separate forms. The turnaround time for the permit was up to two days even with complete and proper requirements, and could take longer if any issues emerge during the process. Because of the lengthy process and the tendency of most business owners to put off processing permits until the deadline, queues tend to be long, and penalties are incurred by business owners because of missed deadlines. 

Solution and Impact

In 2016, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) issued a Joint Memorandum Circular that revises the standards in processing business permits and licenses in all cities and municipalities. Sections 6.5 and 6.7 mandate the aforementioned departments to assist local governments in computerizing and automating their processes as well as in employing electronic and online technology in the processing of business permits (DILG, DTI, & DICT, 2016). To comply with this issuance, ELBI 2.0, an online end-to-end process for business permit renewal, was launched in January 2017, providing the following advantages to its users:

  • Convenient – it is quick and simple to use, as well as secure.
  • Interactive – information exchange is immediate and online, users get immediate feedback from the system during the application.
  • Self-validating – errors are minimized because all the information supplied by the applicant is validated before final submission.
  • Fast – response or acknowledgment time is quicker than manual application.
  • Readily available – ELBI is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.
  • Secure – return and payment transactions are more secure, as all data transmission is encrypted.
  • Cost-effective – processing cost of returns and payments is minimized (e.g. receiving, pre-processing, encoding, error-handling, and storage) (Municipality of Loon, 2016).

Applicants must first register an account to access the platform. 

             Screenshot of ELBI 2.0 registration page (Source: Municipality of Loon) 

After creating an account and logging in, applicants are taken to a unified form for the Business Permit or Renewal where they may input their business’ details and credentials.

               Screenshot of ELBI 2.0 business permit application form (Source: Loon LGU)

Towards the end of the application form, applicants are asked to attach documentary requirements. Following the submission of the form, it  is  sent to the Business Permit Licensing Office (BPLO) for assessment. The BPLO then email the applicant the summary of assessed fees, which he or she can settle online (Landbank, GCash, Bancnet) through the ELBI Electronic Payment Portal (ELBI PAY) or personally through the Municipal Treasurer’s office.

Screenshot of ELBI 2.0 business permit application form (Source: Municipality of Loon)

The streamlined process saves time, effort, and resources, as well as addresses the common issues they constantly encounter in the previous method. This technology is especially useful in the new normal as it makes it possible for the municipal government to maintain the same, if not better quality of service, while adhering to pandemic safety protocols.


In recognition of its innovation leadership, Loon was awarded the Best in eGov Business Empowerment Award – Municipality Level at the digitalcitiesPH Awards on 12 October 2018, making the municipality’s work a benchmark for other local government units to replicate.


“I have a limited time to transact with the LGU regarding permit processing and payment of fees. I availed the ELBI PAY under ELBI 2.0 to pay for my business’s assessed fees as this is the most suitable way for me.” – Business owner of Vipe Internet Cafe  

“I have paid for my family’s waterworks billing through ELBI PAY since the automated facility made it convenient me considering I’m working abroad.” – Overseas Filipino Worker based in Kuwait

“I have paid for my water bill from out-of-office since I was doing fieldwork and the bill was due. I have used ELBI PAY to avoid penalty and disconnection.” – Municipal Officer (C. Relampagos, personal communication, June 22, 2020)


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