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Customer Service Champion Program


Rizal Medical Center

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Customer and citizen focus, Human Resource

Year Implemented



Rizal Medical Center’s goal to provide world-class services to its clients and the need to train its workforce in providing excellent service was a challenging way back in 2015. The Training Specialist IV, Ma. Charissa Legaspi with the support of the then Chief Training Officer, Dr. Maria Rica Lumague, made this happen. They developed the Customer Service Champion (CSC) Program. It focuses on the service enhancement of hospital staff including interns, PGIs. CSC offers 5, 2, 1, and half-day Workshops. However, the 5 Day CSCW is the most complete and effective among all the activities.

Background and Problem

The Customer Service Champion Program was proposed for Rizal Medical Center’s staff to be consistently capable of service excellence for both its internal and external customers. “Like any other institution, Rizal Medical Center and its Training Office face multiple problems and issues daily. One of the major issues it faces and creates a domino effect is the Poor Customer Service of the RMC Staff. Based from the Quality Assurance Office Report, there were 16 customer complaints received from Jan-May 2015, six (6) or 37% stem from Communication Issues (lack of communication, miscommunication) while eight (8) 50% stem from Bad Attitude (rude, unaccommodating, scary and discourteous). Both major issues reflect Poor Customer Service and can be addressed by an effective Customer Service Training Program.” – Taken from p. 10 of the DAP Action Plan (Please see Annex D).

Solution and Impact

The CSCP Program utilizes an accelerated approach to learning that is competency-based. Its philosophy is to influence people through swifter and manageable learning experiences, as research has proven; recall and application of the learning in the workplace after this form of training are significantly higher. The CSCW utilizes the following:

  •  Brain-Based Learning
  •  Basic Lecturettes
  •  Class/Group Discussions
  •  Games and Activities
  •  Role-Playing & Coaching
  •  Applied Improvisation
  •  Story Telling


An Implementation Plan Meeting transpires before the start of each CSCW Batch. The Pre, Actual, and Post Conduct phases are discussed by the Program Administrator (PA), Secretariat, and Training Specialist (Pls. see Annex E – CSCW for Batch 21 and 22 L&D Activity Implementation Plan & Checklist).


 Monitoring and Evaluation are done for the graduates of the 5-Day CSCW (Pls. see M&E Plan – Annex F).  A Terminal Report is accomplished by the PA (Please see Terminal Report of Batch 20 – Annex G) containing class highlights and Final Role Play (challenging situations) presentation observations (strengths and areas for improvement). Final Role plays are also video recorded (Available upon request Video of Cliben CSCW Batch 20 – Annex H). A Batch Commitment Song, created by the class, showcasing their top learnings and commitment as Service Champions is also created and recorded on Day 5 (Available upon request Batch Commitment Video of Batch 20 – Annex I).

Participants a Post Training Evaluation (PTE) and Training Workshop Report (TWR) after each class. Their immediate supervisor then accomplishes a Training Evaluation Report (TER) 3 months after the activity (Pls. see Annex F TWR & TER of Ms. Marissa Calilan CSCW Batch26 graduate). Through this process, the team is ensured that the learnings are being applied and further gaps are being identified and taken into consideration, for the analysis and recommendations of the Training Specialist.


The Batch Commitment Videos and photos of each graduating class of the 5-Day CSCW is shown during the Flag Ceremonies of Rizal Med. The graduates and the Training Office are constantly commended after each video gets to be shown.

Last March 2016, 15 In-house Trainers were chosen from various departments and enabled to conduct the CSCW alongside the TS (Please see HPO of the TTT Batch 1 – Annex J). This will help meet the target of certifying 100% of the workforce.

Service Champion Revalida

Follow-through of the Service Champion Workshop needs to be done, which is why after 3 years, the Training Specialist through the support of the Chief Training Officer, Dr. Primo B. Valenzuela, has launched the recertification of graduates of the 5-Day CSCW last November 2018. To date, 4 Batches of SCR have already been conducted since November 2018 with 50 graduates. (Please see attached SCR Batch 1 HPO Annex L)

Next Steps

Targets for 2019 onwards

  1. 100% certification of Rizal Med employees in the 5 Day CSCW
  2. 100% re-certification of graduates of the 5 Day CSCW
  3. Batch 2 of the TTT with an outcome of 15 additional CSCW Facilitators