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Command Center


City Government of Binan

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Strategic Planning and Deployment, Customer and Citizen Focus, Climate Change Adaptation or Mitigation


Through the initiative of the City Mayor, the Binan Command Center was built to boost the capability of Binan in crime-fighting and provide a more efficient emergency response. This practice was adopted from the Davao City Public Safety and Security Command Center

The objectives of the project are to prepare the people for natural and manmade calamities, and to control and limit the loss of lives and properties in disasters.

Background and Problem

Fire and flooding are the main problems of Binan. Unnecessary victims of these incidents arise because of poor communication between frontline rescuers and service providers. Due to this gap, the Binan Command Center was created.

Solution and Impact

The Binan Command Center is composed of four different offices that are operational 24/7. These offices are the CCTV Office, Call Center, Fire Auxiliary, and Binan Emergency Response Unit Base.

The CCTV Office is composed of four radio operators and 16 CCTV operators. A total of 96 CCTV cameras are installed all over Binan. Radio operators use a two-way radio system. The Call Center has 8 operators who operate  landline and mobile numbers.

Before the establishment of the Command Center, the Committee on Disaster selected qualified personnel to man certain areas of operation. Disaster responders were also chosen, as well as call center agents, CCTV Operators, and Admin Officers. DRRM personnel have undergone training and seminars before the actual performance of tasks.

Once the Command Center was established, crime rates have decreased. Unidentified places known for illegal activities are now under surveillance and accident-prone areas are being monitored 24/7 which resulted in faster emergency response.


  • Capability building of rescue and frontline personnel
  • faster disaster and emergency response
  • The command center was acknowledged by other cities and has received assistance from them during a disaster. Taguig provides water for fires.
  • With only PhP 6 million budget the equipment was procured and the command center building was built.