The Ibayaw Way of BOSS Joint Inspection Team was initiated by the Business One Stop Shop under the Administrator’s Office. This is to comply with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s pronouncement during his inaugural speech on June 30, 2016 and State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 25, 2016 for all government agencies to reduce the requirements and processing time of all government transactions. An innovation in which the BOSS serves as the Secretariat. The Best Practice started in 2017.

Background and Problem

The objectives of The Ibayaw Way of BOSS Joint Inspection Team of the Local Government Unit of Bayawan City are:

  1. To identify the businesses in the barangays
  2. To develop a database in each barangay
  3. All business permit applicants shall comply with national laws and regulatory requirements.
  4. To verify information declared by the businessmen in the application for business permit
  5. Identify unregistered businesses
  6. To help the constituents to understand their participation in business and non-business opportunities

It has been found out that many indulged into business but do not have Business permits. Some of the businesses just paid the required obligation but were not able to complete the cycle in getting the required permit. Bayawan City has a total land area of 699.08 square kilometers, consisting of 28 barangays. There are only 7 urban barangays and 21 rural barangays.

Solution and Impact

The program provides awareness to everyone, to the members of the Joint Inspection Team, as well as the Local Government itself. The Liga ng Barangay helps facilitate the business owners’ concerns of their respective Barangays. The methodology and/or components include the identification of people in the regulatory office, creation of JIT schedules, dissemination of radio announcements and the inclusion in the Liga ng Barangay meeting agenda. The steps:

  • Informing the office of the Barangay that an inspection will be conducted
  • Issuing a non-compliance notice if needed
  • Distributing flyers by the Joint Inspection Team (JIT) during the months of November–December 2017

The Joint Inspection Team (JIT) started on February 7, 2018 and ended in September 2018, and the Barangay started in October and ended in December 2018. The Barangay- Level Business Operation Database was completed through the joint effort of all of the concerned offices.. A copy of the database is both available to the LGU as well as to the barangay. The project enabled more business owners to process their mayor’s permits, business permits and working permits. The JIT was able to strengthen their relationship between the entrepreneurs.


The remarkable results of the the Ibayaw Way of BOSS Joint Inspection Team of the City Government of Bayawan City are:

  1. Improved processes in applying permits
  2. Enhanced the city’s competitiveness locally and nationally
  3. Enabled existing businesses to legally operate in the area
  4. Monitored compliant and non-compliant businesses
  5. Adhered to the mandate of RA 11032