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Blood Letting per Barangay


Local Government Unit, Loreto Agusan del Sur

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Leadership, Customer and citizen focus

Year Implemented



Bloodletting is a Mobile Blood Donation Activity in every barangay. It is an adaptation of the existing National Voluntary Blood Services Program of the Department of Health which primarily promotes voluntary blood donation to provide a sufficient supply of safe blood and it also aims to increase public awareness that a blood donation is a humanitarian act.

The activity was initiated last 2018 by the Municipal Health Office in cooperation with the Provincial Health Office and Red Cross-Agusan del Sur Chapter. This aims to attain more qualified blood donors of at least 1% of the target population in every barangay. The goal of this activity is to have an adequate blood supply that can sustain the demand of the Loretohanon.

Background and Problem

The primary objective of Bloodletting per barangay: A Mobile Blood Donation Activity is to collect a variety of safe blood products that will be utilized in saving the lives of patients, especially among Loretohanon. Also, this intends to promote and encourage voluntary blood donation by the citizenry and to instill to the public consciousness the principle that blood donation is a humanitarian act and  to provide for an adequate supply of safe blood products hoping to reduce morbidity and mortality rate caused by blood loss and unavailability of blood supply.

Some instances that compelled in the creation of this practice include the following: In the past years, there was no actual target that was set per barangay which leads to low compliance percentage. Loreto is dominantly composed of terrain (GIDA) Barangays; as a result, willing blood donors find it hard to go to the Blood Donation Activity because of the travel time to be incurred. Inadequate Information Drive Activity is also a factor because of a stigma that there will be an ill effect on the blood donor after donation.

Solution and Impact

Information drives on the importance of the program and the effects of adequate blood supply at the Red Cross: the importance of blood that saves lives; that every pregnant woman should have 2 blood donors in order to be used during delivery in case blood transfusion is needed. The barangay initiates and provides incentives through giving snacks and t-shirts to the donors or anything in goods in order for the program to be appealing to the community. Through the deployment of the HRH from the DOH, they can help through advocacy in every barangay assigned to them. Coordination with the Red Cross and Provincial Health Officer and the Barangay Council shows a multisectoral approach. With the expansion of the Local Health Board, involving the different stakeholders helps in the implementation of the program.


  • The accomplishment on 2018 – 63%
  • Jan up to present for 2019 – 76%