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BJMP-NCR PRMIS Recruitment Kiosk


Bureau of Jail Management and Penology

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Customer and citizen focus, Strategic performance management, Process management, and improvement

Year Implemented



The Personnel and Records Management Information System (PRMIS) was conceived on April 26, 2018 with  JO1 Julices Paolo Benitez credited as Software Developer.  The initial release of Beta Version 1.0 was on  September 01, 2018.

 The PRMIS Recruitment Kiosk aims to provide an effective, efficient, and stable system in delivering outstanding services to the client. The system supports the operations of the Records Section, Administrative Section, and Message Center. It delivers services in an orderly manner that can respond accordingly to the client’s needs.

 The implementation of PRMIS is used to view, store, and update information from a series of records. It provides enhancement of the existing system called “HRMIS” or Human Resource Management System used back in 2014. It was created to save time and effort in producing vital information.

 The purpose of PRMIS is to upgrade the office transaction of the above-stated sections and enhance the quality of service delivered. The system also provides features on analysis.

 The system helps process and visualize data to get efficient information that will aid the top management in decision-making. It provides an updated database and statistical analysis of the present profile of records.

Background and Problem

Goals and Objectives

  1.  Functionality
    • To provide one robust system to meet the daily needs of the PRMD and applicants
    • To provide a system that enhances communications and workflow between users, and reduces duplication of the task
  2. Valuable Reporting
    •  To provide a system that shall enhance the delivery of service and lessen time consumption of generating reports
    •  To provide policymakers the necessary tools to obtain reliable and timely workforce data
    •  To provide users and head capability to easy access and transparency of records
    •  To provide administrator and internal-client users with reliable data reports
    •  To generate real-time reports
  3.  Increased Efficiency
    • To provide an efficient and less-cost system that shall increase the standardization of the division
    •  To minimize paper-based processes
  4.  Modern Technology
    •  To provide an up-to-date, standardized system that meets the known needs of the users
    • To enhance security and reliability of data
  5. Self-service
    •  To implement a self-service and user-friendly system for users to process transactions

 The PRMIS is solely for the PRM Division and it does not cover other divisions/offices of the BJMPRO-NCR. It primarily focuses on personnel profile and recruitment processes.

 At the outset, the PRMIS was a program designed only to have a computerized database for personnel records but eventually expanded to a management information system as necessity so dictates. However, the PRMIS is still in its birth stage with limited functions and cannot yet automate all of the division’s transactions.

 The PRMIS is only accessible to the users of the system. There are different types of user and each user has its own roles and responsibilities.

Solution and Impact

The PRMIS is developed through the birth of HRMIS with the purpose of minimizing the time and effort of the personnel in gathering, storing, retrieving, and producing data effectively and adequately. The vision of the HRMIS eventually changed into an outstanding technical and procedural process. Its upgrades became the rise of the PRMIS which caters efficiently to the reduction of manual work and transforming it into a stress-free/easy access, fast and paperless records management and proficiently accelerates the monitoring of the recruitment process.

Basically, the method used in this program is the input-output-feedback process. Basic information, file documentation, or records management turned into a secure digital data gathering which resulted in an easy reproduction of information. Its efficacy becomes real through a series of simulations within the real subjects and processes. Feedback is constructively accepted for the benefit of the program.

 The PRMIS as its main components has three subcomponents which are:

  1. Personnel Records
  2. Recruitment Information System
  3. PRMIS Kiosk
  4. Personnel Tracker

PRMD has undergone a series of the structural design of the PRMIS with the help of high-ranking officials, Chief PRMD, and its personnel with their related expertise. The goal was to provide an organized procedure of services to deliver a systematized process of the Division pertaining to reliability, availability, efficiency, and comprehensive services. Its implementation was to view, store, and update information and eventually enhance the quality of service while also helping with  timely decision making.


Below are the remarkable results of PRMIS utilization:

  1. It accelerated smoothly the procedures and monitoring of the 1908 JO1 applicants of BJMP-NCR compared to the lesser applicants of the previous years.
  2. JO1 applicants had positive feedback which let them be informed comprehensively and in a timely manner.
  3. Personnel’s time management was greatly made more efficient.
  4. It gave an exceptional rapport to the other related Divisions and Sections to the recruitment process for the timely updated information.
  5. It garnered a high commendation from the top officials and personnel of the BJMP-NCRO.