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Basura-Bugas Program


LGU-Tubod, Surigao del Norte

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Leadership (Social and Environmental Responsibility)

Year Implemented



The Basura-Bugas program is initiated by the Local Government Unit of Tubod in November 2018 as a response to the national law, Republic Act No. 9003 known as Ecological Solid Waste Management Program, which directs any individuals and entities to have proper waste segregation and disposal. The initiative is implemented in the municipality to instruct all Tuboranons to practice and instill a habit of proper waste segregation at home. To acknowledge their efforts, one kilo of rice will be given in exchange for twelve bottles filled with plastic cellophanes. 

Background and Problem

Waste management has been a dilemma everywhere but it’s upon the action and effort on how to get rid of this problem. The Local Government Unit of Tubod on the Basura-Bugas program aims to reduce the waste and environmental problem in the municipality and the country as a whole and to sustain the mission and vision of the LGU.

Solution and Impact

Proper waste disposal is not an easy thing. It has to be made a habit. Instilling the habit of proper waste disposal in its people is the challenge for the LGU. To obtain long-term results, the Local Government Unit of Tubod crafted solutions that would encourage its people to follow the law and be accountable for their own wastes. Each purok and barangay is visited where the LGU would held seminars about the Basura-Bugas Program and its procedures.

The Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office, being in charge to spearhead and monitor the implementation of the program, eventually noticed that the waste problem in the locality has lessened. Little by little, the efforts of educating its people paid off through the people’s growing habit of proper waste management.

The sustainability of the program is shown through the people of Tubod’s continuous segregation according to the five (5) waste classifications. Wastes are submitted to the MENR Office by which they receive rice in exchange.  As for the recyclable plastic wastes, plastic bottles and cellophanes are turned into eco-bricks which the municipal also uses for their infrastructure projects.


Basura Bugas Program is a continuous endeavor by the municipality. Recently, the Local Government Unit of Tubod was able to acquire a shredder machine to help in the recycling process and the creation of eco-bricks. Eco-bricks produced take part in both infrastructure and tourism projects.