The Conference on Public-Sector Productivity (CPSP) – Reimagining Public Service Delivery in the Digital Age was organized by the Development Academy of the Philippines’ Center of Excellence on Public-Sector Productivity. This conference aims to present the current state and future direction of digital transformation in the Philippine public sector, discuss digital technologies and means in transforming government service delivery, share best practices in designing digital services using citizen experience, and identify facilitating and hindering factors affecting digital transformation in the public sector, as well as potential solutions.


Shaping the Digital Transformation of the Philippine Public Sector: Past, Present, and Future

David Almirol Jr.
Undersecretary for e-Government,
Department of Information and Communications Technology

This keynote presentation underscores the ongoing need for adaptability and innovation in the public sector and the digital challenges and opportunities that it faces. It explores the key developments in the digital transformation efforts in the Philippine public sector, discusses factors that shape the government’s roadmap, and highlights strategies for managing cybersecurity risks in the digital age.


Designing e-Government Platforms and Portals for Better Citizen Interaction and Experience

Dr. Myung Jae Moon
Underwood Distinguished Professor
Underwood Distinguished Professor,
Yonsei University
Republic of Korea

The session highlights the use of AI and machine learning in designing and building inclusive, collaborative, and interoperable digital ecosystems for user-friendly and personalized interfaces.


How Blockchain Technology Can Revolutionize Government Services in the Philippines

Atty. Nathan Marasigan
General Counsel – Yield Guild Games and Partner at M Law Philippines

The session explores the power of blockchain technology in optimizing data management, revolutionizing record-keeping, and enhancing citizen access towards secure, transparent, and efficient transactions with government services.


Zero Bureaucracy on eGovernance and Breaking Barriers on Data Silos

Alexander K. Ramos
Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center

This presentation shows how reducing bureaucratic barriers to data exchange made the government more efficient and connected and how it can contribute to a future where public service delivery is smooth and suited to each citizen’s needs, from breaking down silos to fostering collaboration.

Case Presentation 2:

AI Customer Experience

Curtis Matlock
Chief Executive Officer,

This presentation discusses how certain Philippine government agencies used artificial intelligence (AI) to fulfill their digitization goals and promote openness, fairness, and accountability in public service delivery.


Tetrix Network – Tamper-Proof ID using Blockchain Technology

Engr. Emman Navalan
Chief Executive Officer,
Tetrix Network

This presentation shares how blockchain technology can revolutionize data management record-keeping and enhance citizens’ access to government services.


BSP at its PRIME: Advancing Innovation and Governance in a Data-Driven Economy

Noel Guinto
Department of Supervisory Analytics
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

This presentation examines how strategic data governance safeguards citizen privacy, ensures data security, and fosters a culture of responsible data handling within government organizations.