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Time and Motion Study: For Capacity and Productivity

Title: Time and Motion Study: For Capacity and Productivity

Author: Jack Greene

Year Published: 2013

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

How long does the job take? Arguably, this is the most valuable fact for a business to know because it determines capacity, productivity, profit or loss. Both direct and indirect labor costs rely on the required time, as do output, crew sizes, staffing, schedules, product cost, transfer prices, constraints, workload balance, on and on. Let’s also suggest that the answer must be both accurate and objective.

Time study is the basis of accuracy for management measurement, and is applied to resolve disagreement should they occur. Chapters include: Operating practice for labor operations Benefits of work measurement, Which measurement technique? Employee incentive pay If you only read one work measurement The art of the time study The art of work sampling The special case of construction piece rates Other important aspects of work measurement A model plan to establish work measurement Formal incentives administration Methods and workplace checklists for improvement Work measurement glossary Useful forms and worksheets An extra section on Capacity, Utilization and Constraints is included, to enable the reader to identify and relieve bottlenecks in the first place, then to manage constraints. Capacity activity depends very heavily on work measurement, to locate causes and relieve them.

Chapters include: Capacity, utilization, constraints; in the context of business operations Manage constraints, by boardroom and policy actions Operating factors affect utilization Maximize capacity, manage constraints, on the floor Apply the capacity, constraint, and utilization data As with other professions, work measurement proficiency is gained through training and experience. This book explains very specifically what to do, why it is necessary, and how to do it; not only study techniques themselves, but also management and control actions to implement work measurement. Buy it for both practitioners and managers, as each will learn from the guidance contained. The text of this book is included in “Industrial Engineering: Theory, Practice, and Application”, by Jack Greene, as are texts of “Cost Reduction In Business Management” and “Plant Layout and Design Edition Two”.