Proponent Agency

Biliran Province State University


7-11 June 2021


Client Experience

General Description is a knowledge management portal to access research materials, tools, references and get assistance. A significant hurdle in the University’s evaluation system is the standardization of tools and references for research materials. This platform aims to equip researchers, students, teachers, and external stakeholders with tools, capacities, and techniques through an online hub of knowledge sharing.

Project Background

The quality of research materials of the students is not calibrated and standardized. Especially in citations, formats, and research policies, there is misalignment across students, educators, and external partners. Thus, a systematic archiving and document management system is needed to aid the key players of research in BiPSU.

Given that the physical facility cannot accommodate all the students and researchers, there are logistical problems, especially during peak days of the library. Not only is there a need to standardize, but updating the existing materials proves to be a challenge. There are also difficulties in accessing the existing materials.

A document management system that depicts an interactive e-library will serve as a depository of knowledge. This platform will also be a venue for collaboration and standardization, especially on referencing and accuracy of research data.

Potential Impact

  1. Real-time assistance
  2. Standardized referencing
  3. Online hub of researchers
  4. Online mentoring and coaching
  5. Collaborative updating
  6. Accessibility of data
  7. Protection of data
  8. Archiving

Project Features

  1. Interactive web portal: is an interactive web portal that directs visitors to various features and offerings of the site. The following are the initial contents of the portal: About the portal, research connect, Tools and materials, and FAQs.
  2. Research Archives- A major site component will be the archive of research materials. These are carefully screened and validated by the committee. The following are the initial sections of the archive: Social Sciences, Mathematics, Health Sciences, Engineering, Teacher Education, Maritime Education, Management, and Law.
  3. Journals and References: Visitors may also access journals and references. This will help standardize the outputs and calibrate the research findings of the students and other users of the portal.
  4. Research Policies and Formats: A section on policies, formats, and guidelines will also be present. This section aims to guide the students in executing their papers in terms of type, field, and format.
  5. BiPSU Connect: This is an interactive function where visitors will access a live chat in real time. A pool of teachers, professional researchers, and student guides will be developed to assist the researchers accessing the site. Mentorship sessions may also be scheduled through this section.
  6. BiPSU Research and Innovation Hub: This is an online community of researchers where one can collaborate, update, share knowledge and mentor the members. This will also be the feature where one can update research material in the system.

Project Milestones

  1. Prototype Development and Enhancement – August 2021
  2. Prototype Testing – October 2021
  3. Management Presentation – November 2021
  4. Pilot Testing – December 2021

Innovation Team

Name: Hiraya Warriors

Innovation Champion: Marianne Agnes T. Mendoza
Innovation Manager: Vennie G. Coton

Team Members:

  1. Florabelle Erlano
  2. Joedel Panaranda
  3. Ralph Arvic T. Arsenal
  4. Jenny A Genoguin