Proponent Agency

Sulu State College (SSC)


26-30 July 2021


Service Quality

Project Background

The Sulu State College is mandated to provide higher technological, professional, and vocational instruction and training in science, agricultural and industrial fields, as well as short-term technical or vocational courses.

SSC was heavily affected when the CoVid-19 pandemic hit the globe. Since 2020, it has been a challenge for the SSC to ensure that it will continue to provide quality education to its students despite the threat of the virus.

Many solutions, such as blended and modular learning, were immediately identified and implemented. But the effective and efficient distribution and retrieval of the learning modules without risking the health and safety of the students, parents, and faculty became its ultimate issue.

Hence, the SSC initially posed an innovation challenge: How might we improve the distribution and retrieval of learning modules because we want our students to have easy access to quality education?

General Description

LASA is a project implemented by the SSC Stalwart Visionaries in partnership and coordination with the Local Government Units within the Sulu province. This project aims to provide accessible, fast, and convenient access to learning modules to its students and their guardians/parents. It also intends to make the distribution of the said modules easier and faster for the faculty while strictly observing the CoVid-19 health protocols to ensure all concerned people’s health and safety.

Potential Impact

  1. Easier and faster distribution and retrieval of learning modules for the SSC Faculty
  2. More accessible learning modules to students and guardians
  3. Wider partnership with other municipalities through Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

Project Milestones

Proposal of the LASA Project to the SSC AdministrationAugust 2021
Presentation of project designSeptember 2021
Development, finalization, routing, and signing of MOAOctober 2021- June 2022
Implementation of the MOA stipulating the distribution as well as the retrieval of the learning modules to students and parents/guardiansJuly 2022

Innovation Team

Name: Team Stalwart Visionaries

Innovation Champion: Aldrin M. Jikirani
Innovation Manager: Marlyn E. Hadjirul

Team Members:

  1. Shallemar C. Pelayo
  2. Saurajan S. Darawi
  3. Safrazhad S. Samsi-Akarab
  4. Sherhan A. Endih
  5. Rania D. Abduraup