Proponent Agency

Philippine Rice Research Institute


23-27 August 2021



General Description

The project is an enhanced strategic planning process that integrates hybrid research and collaboration tools to suit the demands of the new normal. Furthermore, focus on stakeholder engagement is one of the significant features of the process. The strategic planning activities will not only ensure an effective and efficient process but also paves the way to more meaningful and relevant action plans as they institute active and extensive participation of the various stakeholders of PRRI.

Project Background

Even before the pandemic, the Philippine Rice Research Institute faces challenges in reaching out to various stakeholders in terms of engaging and involving them in their activities. Aside from logistical problems, education and information dissemination are also challenging.
The organization longs for more meaningful action plans through holistic, inclusive, and relevant approaches. This proves to be a challenge given the wide array of stakeholders, from the farmers down to institutes and partner agencies.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has opened opportunities for PRRI to re-think its processes. They have realized that as the nation prepares for the new normal, PRRI needs to start restructuring its processes, starting with its planning activities. Thus, they have decided to create a TWG in designing their revitalized strategic planning process, focusing on stakeholder participation across various tools and techniques.

Potential Impact

  1. Various touch points and methodologies
  2. Meaningful and relevant action plans
  3. Consultation and verification activities
  4. Convenience through blended learning activities
  5. Hybrid work plan integrating onsite, offline, and online activities
  6. Accessibility of data
  7. Strengthened relationships with stakeholders
  8. Improved image of PRRI

Project Features

  1. Stakeholder Engagement: The process will consult, engage and collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including but not limited to the following: Farmers, Associations, Cooperatives, Seed Growers, Rice Consumers, Industry Players, Extension Workers, Sectoral Employees, Intermediaries, Consultants, and Policy Makers.
  2. Research Activities and Town Hall Presentations- Data gathered will have quantitative and qualitative analysis, which will be presented to stakeholders through town hall consultations before the planning process.
  3. Island-wide Consultations: Inputs will be gathered through island-wide data gathering across branches and satellite offices nationwide.
  4. Hybrid Planning Format: The next series of meetings will be done in blended formats to ensure everyone can access and contribute to brainstorming and consultation activities.
  5. Road Mapping: Road mapping and milestoning activities will be done over a 5-year spread. These will be visited and extended yearly to ensure relevant impacts and outcomes.
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation: The monitoring and evaluation activities will also include feedback from the stakeholders. This ensures that the process is holistic and inclusive.

Project Milestones

  1. Finalization of Design, Guidelines, and Policy
  2. Organization of TWG
  3. Presentation to Management
  4. Pilot Testing of Questionnaires
  5. Data Consolidation
  6. Pilot Implementation

Innovation Team

Name: Tropang Palay

Innovation Champion: Joel V. Pascual
Innovation Manager: Rosielyn P. Conversion

Team Members:

  1. Recille G. Aquino
  2. Isagane V. Goholano
  3. Susan R. Brena