Proponent Agency

Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA)


07 -11 June 2021


Performance Management

Project Background

The Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA) was established to promote and coordinate volunteer programs and services in the Philippines. The PNVSCA aims to achieve this through relevant and responsive plans, policies, advocacy, technical assistance, and coordination service.

It has existed for so many years now. However, despite its efforts to effectively perform its mandate, one of the challenges the PNVSCA faces is the low awareness of the Filipino people of its existence.

Thus, the PNVSCA innovation team called TeamBa (Team Bayanihan) posed an innovation challenge: How might we improve the existing advocacy strategy of the PNVSCA to better reach out to stakeholders because we want them to understand and appreciate the value of volunteerism and mainstream volunteerism as a development strategy in all sectors.

General Description

The PNVSCA Advocacy Enhancement Plan is a tool that aims to improve the existing advocacy strategy of PNVSCA, which focuses on using social media as a tool to complement and boost the advocacy efforts of the agency. It is hoped that this would help raise awareness of volunteerism and enhance the involvement and participation of its stakeholders and the general public.

Potential Impact

  1. Increased number of participating organizations and individuals in PNVCSA activities and initiatives
  2. Increased awareness and appreciation of the stakeholders on volunteerism;
  3. Mainstreamed/adopted volunteerism as a development strategy in implementing its target stakeholders’ programs, projects, and activities.

Project Features

  1. Social Media Content Plan – The plan includes weekly posts, which will run from Monday through Friday, contests, and a quarterly talk hosted by a mainstay PNVSCA staff. A different theme daily will be posted on the PNVSCA Facebook Page. This will improve the existing advocacy strategy of the PNVSCA through social media to boost its advocacy efforts. Initially, TeamBa will focus on Facebook before expanding to cover all online social media platforms.
    • Mondays: Volunteer Stories
    • Tuesdays: Featured Organization
    • Wednesdays: Get to Know Us
    • Thursdays: Volunteerism Quote for the Day
    • Fridays: Volunteer FAQs
  2. Contests – This will be conducted monthly with concepts of minor contests only, such as Quote for the Month, Volunteerism Photo of the Month, etc. The prizes will be tokens from the PNVSCA, i.e., flash drives, mugs, tumblers, etc.
  3. VolunTalks – This is a quarterly feature similar to a talk show which will be shown live on the PNVSCA Facebook Page. It will have a maximum running time of 2 hours. The topics will be focused on all the relevant activities of the agency.

Project Milestones

Prototype DevelopmentJuly – September
Capacity Building on branding, social media management, and use of different tools and applicationsJuly – December
Development of social media marketing strategySeptember
Presentation to the managementOctober
Pilot testingOctober – November
Enhancement based on initial feedback after the pilot testingOctober – November
Project LaunchDecember

Innovation Team

Name: TeamBa (Team Bayanihan)

Innovation Champion: Joy Marie S. Estonilo
Innovation Manager: Maribel F. Larracochea

Team Members:

  1. Jhan Bhenedict G. Gamba
  2. Sheena C. Alcala
  3. Carleen D. Salas
  4. Almira U. Caudal
  5. Teresita R. Bahom