Proponent Agency

Negros Oriental State University


20-24 September 2021



General Description

e-Hub 4Curr is a curriculum development tool that aims to standardize the design, execution, monitoring, and evaluation of modules, syllabi, course outlines, and materials. This also serves as a knowledge bank for new and old instructors developing courses and lesson plans for the students. Furthermore, it is envisioned to provide access to students, researchers, and the community to understand better the course offerings, services, and insights they may use in their academic journeys.

Project Background

One major challenge of Negros Oriental State University is the calibration of its competencies and delivery method across various campuses and colleges. Due to the movement of academic professionals, the influx of new teachers, and the retirement/resignation of senior faculty, a gap in creating consistent and calibrated execution is being experienced. New teachers are not on-boarded on the NOrSU way of facilitating the learning process, and the old ones have difficulty keeping up with the unique learning demands.

Since the organization is in the process of expanding its quality management system, standardization of activities is now its priority. Developing standardized processes, especially in facilitating learning, is needed. This, however, proves to be challenging given the differences in the skills, competencies, styles, and abilities of the various faculty members, not to mention their differences in location and culture.
Thus, this curriculum management system will be a portal that will aid not only the teachers and the administration of NOrSU but also the students, researchers, and the community.

Furthermore, the system allows for interaction with experts to ensure that the syllabi, curricula, and learning techniques are up-to-date and standardized.

Potential Impact

  1. Standardized curriculum development
  2. Standardized syllabus development
  3. Monitoring and evaluation
  4. Online mentoring and coaching
  5. Collaborative updating
  6. Accessibility of data for students, researchers
  7. Program development and monitoring
  8. Archiving

Project Features

  1. Interactive web portal: e-Hub4Curr is an interactive web portal that directs visitors to various functions of the site. Dashboards for the teachers, program chair, and experts will be available.
  2. Access Levels- Different access levels will be available depending on the nature of the users.
  3. Monitoring: Daily monitoring activities will be present in the portal. This ensures that the activities set in the syllabus are being executed on time and properly.
  4. Evaluation Metrics: The portal will serve as a monitoring tool for the chairpersons to see whether the personal, organizational, and program requirements are being met by the teachers.
  5. Intervention and Tools: Intervention activities and learning tools are indicated in the charts of each program. These will be references that are available to all instructors and faculty heads.
  6. Archiving and Documentation: The syllabi and curricula will be documented and archived. Given that these are being updated every year, the old documents will be retained for reference and guidance.

Project Milestones

  1. Prototype Development and Enhancement
  2. Gathering of Information and Further Research
  3. Prototype Testing
  4. Management Presentation
  5. Pilot Testing

Innovation Team

Name: NOrSU Team Bang

Innovation Champion: Cesar Estrope
Innovation Manager: Jull Arcel Orlina

Team Members:

  1. Jeffrey Estores
  2. Leil Alison Tenefrancia
  3. Mark Daniel Recilla
  4. Dianne Gutual
  5. Angel Dane Bendijo