Proponent Agency

Compostela Valley State College


June 8-12, 2019


Citizen-centered service

General Description

The Let’s Go Program is a response to the decreasing viability and implementability of the business proposal of the BS Entrepreneurship students due to various issues.

Project Background

The Compostela Valley State College’s (CVSC) BS Entrepreneurship program has always been perceived as the “catch basin” of students who were not able to pass the grade requirements to enter the BS Entrepreneurship program. This has affected the perception towards the program, and in turn, students are now having difficulties in implementing their own business projects. A myriad of other issues that affect the program include problems in the policy, limited resources, limited faculty experience in entrepreneurship, and no established external partnerships. 

Through the analysis of the challenges and opportunities experienced by the students, faculty and stakeholders of the BS Entrepreneurship program, the Innovation Team was able to generate several ideas and insights to address the challenge: How might we help the students generate adequate capital for business implementation because we want to ensure high impact and sustainable business concepts?The team processed the insights and combined their ideas, until they came up with the Let’s Go: Leading Entrepreneurs towards Golden Opportunities.

Potential Impact

  1. Increased viability and implementability of the student’s business proposals
  2. Secured capital for the student’s business proposals
  3. Enhanced competency of the BS Entrepreneurship program faculty
  4. Improved physical facilities of the college

Project Features

  1. Let’s Fund – Creation of an online platform where the business proposals and the profiles of the students are uploaded. Business projects are categorized in themes for accessibility. Donors can view, select and fund the student’s project as well monitor the status.
  2. Let’s Save – Encourages first year students to open an account with partner banking institutions for them to save capital for their upcoming business project.
  3. Let’s Shine – Advocacy and promotional materials such as videos and flyers will be distributed. Activities will be organized such as events and school fairs to showcase their business projects. All these IEC materials will be uploaded in the official CVSC Facebook page and website.
  4. Let’s Build – Enrolment policies will be reviewed and guidelines for the Let’s Save project will be established.
  5. Let’s Capacitate – Trainings and workshops on Market Research and Project Implementation will be conducted for the faculty of the BS Entrepreneurship program.
  6. Let’s Link – Partnerships with local and international organizations will be implemented to ensure program support

Project Milestones

  • Innovation Proposal / Presentation – Nov, 2019
  • Board Approval – Dec, 20219
  • Stakeholder Consultation – Dec, 2019
  • Policy Formulation – Upon Approval
  • Roll-out – Aug, 2020-Jun 2021

Innovation Team

  • Innovation Team Name: CVSC Innovision
  • Innovation Champion: Dr. Christie Jean Villanueva-Ganiera (President)
  • Innovation Manager: Lilybeth Matunhay
  • Team Members
    • Franz Josef B. Gonzales
    • Rona C. Apolinario
    • Grace D. Castillano
    • Rachelle S. Mulato
    • Jesse Roy M. Alcaraz