Proponent Agency

Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority


20-24 September 2021


Client Experience

General Description

The FPA Portal is an information management system that aims to increase productivity by providing an avenue for accessing, receiving, managing, and delivering information. This portal will help the stakeholders comply with the various requirements from clients, suppliers, and internal clients and help research, planning, and client servicing by providing accurate, up-to-date, and verified data.

Project Background

Even before the pandemic, the FPA has been faced with problems in the filtering, trafficking, and updating its communications platform to address requests, complaints, queries, and assistance. Furthermore, internal issues in data retrieval, updating, and dissemination are being experienced. These may be significantly attributed to the information data process that is yet to be firmed up within the organization.

Now that the pandemic has taken its toll, it has become more challenging for the agency to filter, direct, provide and access the massive information requirements demanded by internal and external stakeholders. Inquiries and complaints would come from different channels, resulting in unresolved problems and, worse unattended complaints. Furthermore, information and data gathering has become less effective due to not updated data and unclear information management practices. This will be a centralized portal where internal and external stakeholders can access data information.

Potential Impact

  1. Real-time update
  2. Easier access to data
  3. Interactive assistance
  4. Easier navigation and user-friendly interface
  5. Unified platform for all types of queries
  6. News, announcements, and updates

Project Features

  1. Interactive web portal: The FPA Information Portal is an interactive web portal that directs visitors to various features and offerings of the site.
  2. Services and Fees- A landing page dedicated to services and fees will be developed. This service is one of the most accessed by external stakeholders.
  3. FAQs: A page dedicated to frequently asked questions will be developed to easily address usual queries.
  4. Real-Time Assistance: A auto-reply chatbot may be integrated into inquiries on the page. These queries will be directed to the concerned departments

Project Milestones

  1. Creation of TWG
  2. Data Identification Activity
  3. Prototype Development and Enhancement
  4. Prototype Testing
  5. Management Presentation

Innovation Team

Name: Team kaFPAmilya

Innovation Champion: Engr. Jacqueline Romualdez
Innovation Manager: Ma. Theresa Oliveros

Team Members:

  1. Alvin Domondon
  2. Newton Pollisco
  3. Marlo Deblois
  4. Mark Kevin Salita