Proponent Agency

Food and Drug Administration


23-27 November 2020


Client Experience

General Description

This is an information campaign that aims to make the stakeholders aware of the identity of the Food and Drug Administration Center for Device Regulation, Radiation Health, and Research. Aside from strengthening the CDRRHR identity, it aims to educate the stakeholders about the center’s different activities, offerings, and services, allowing them easier access through various platforms.

Project Background

The campaign’s main aim is to avoid confusion about the services and identity of CDRRHR, as it differentiates itself from the auspices of the FDA. A significant hurdle the department is trying to overcome is the multiple communications channels that give them a hard time filtering and dispatching the queries and requests. Although there are websites and Facebook facilities for the FDA, the questions and requests are often sent to the wrong departments. Most of the time, they have difficulty filtering and re-directing requests, queries, and complaints.

Thus, an information drive that aims to introduce the different services of the FDA-CDRRHR will be launched on various social media and online platforms. This will be an online and offline effort to integrate the FDA’s current tools.

Potential Impact

  1. Enhanced efficiency in addressing inquiries.
  2. Increased awareness for the FDA-CDRRHR.
  3. Increased Productivity.
  4. Fortified client relations and stakeholder interactions.
  5. Improved Communications with external stakeholders
  6. Real-time response to queries

Project Features

  1. Help Desk: A virtual help desk will be integrated into the FDA website. This will direct the visitors to relevant links in FDA.
  2. Translated Texts and Audio- Texts and audios will have translated versions in Filipino and various dialects. This will allow a better understanding of their advisories.
  3. Animated Procedures: The plan will create an animated video, especially in relaying procedures and processes on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.
  4. FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions will integrate CDRRHR activities, processes, offerings, and procedures.
  5. Live Chat – A live chat feature will be on the website and Facebook page. This will be handled by CDRRHR personnel.

Project Milestones

  1. Crafting of Proposal – January 2021
  2. Work Order Release – February 2021
  3. Development of infographics – March 2021
  4. Creation of FB Page – May 2021
  5. Project Launch — May 2021

Innovation Team

Name: Team Right Med

Innovation Champion: Byron Fernan A. Pamplina
Innovation Manager: Aldrin Catiis

Team Members:

  1. Kate Riego
  2. Kiev Clondrina
  3. Vianney Yagong
  4. Gelo Matias