Proponent Agency

Provincial Government of Bukidnon


7-11 June 2021



General Description

eProc is a procurement information management system aiming to make contract management more accessible and efficient. This is an integrated and streamlined digital process that would allow process users, end users, and project managers to complete projects for the Provincial Government in time.

Project Background

Currently, the manual process of procurement results in backlogs, inefficiencies, and unfinished activities. Bound by regulations and the tedious bureaucratic procedures and requirements, most projects are not completed on time or not finished at all. The absence of a better process hampers the productivity and efficiency of the provincial government.

Coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of procurement matters such as biddings, negotiations, and inventory proved to be a significant challenge. Moreover, the absence of a digital platform has rendered the Provincial Government of Bukidnon almost at a standstill as the pandemic hit. Thus, a procurement system must be in place to streamline processes and ensure public service delivery, especially now that it matters most.

Potential Impact

  1. Faster procurement process
  2. Ease of monitoring
  3. Ease of requisition
  4. Budgeting efficiency
  5. Tracking and tagging
  6. Monitoring of processes
  7. One-stop-shop

Project Features

  1. Digital management application: This will be a digital system accessible by the users anytime. The portal houses all procurement processes and activities.
  2. Remote Access- Since the application is online, the users can access the site anytime, anywhere.
  3. Security Access: There are access levels, depending on the responsibility of the users. This will keep the data secure and will avoid tampering and fraud.
  4. Activity Log: A logbook function is available to coordinate various users. Each activity will be logged to determine the users and actions during the process. This will establish accountability and security of the person accessing the system.
  5. Report Management: Various reports will be generated through the system. This will not only ease the process but also ensure accurate data as minimal errors will be experienced by the report generators.
  6. Archiving: A library of transactions may also be accessed by the users. Especially in investigations and the generation of references, the archive will make the retrospective process much more manageable.

Project Milestones

  1. Prototype Development and Enhancement
  2. User Testing
  3. Management Presentation
  4. Software Development
  5. User Training
  6. Communication Activities
  7. Pilot Testing

Innovation Team

Name: InnoBuk

Innovation Champion: Carmelo L Cagas
Innovation Manager: Maureen Eve A Fajardo

Team Members:

  1. Emma C. Ravelo
  2. Joel S. Victoria
  3. Michelle M. Bacarra
  4. Dominador D. Libayao
  5. Kharinine S. Escasinas