Brain Child is one of the innovation teams of the City Government of Muntinlupa. They came up with an innovation project and entitled it as Building Permit One-Stop-Shop. This came from the team’s aspiration to improve the processing system of the building permit. Using the insights gathered, the team was able to identify three (3) major concerns which are payment processes, various forms, and document requirements, and the needed signatories and approvals. The team generated solution ideas such as a unified billing system, a one-stop-shop, a joint inspection, an online application system, and a requirement check by personnel. The new Building Permit Application is now online and comes with an online status tracking of applications, a unified application form, a joint inspection, and a unified billing or a one-time assessment of fees and charges. The project aims to set service standards by having a stress-free, fast, and easy processing of building permits and ensure client satisfaction and contribute to the City Government of Muntinlupa’s competitiveness and most-business friendly Local Government Unit brand.


After analyzing their gathered data and through an insightful sharing, the team listed the following concerns the CGM had on building permit application:

  1. The process of producing documents is long and tedious because of the lack of related knowledge and skills.
  2. There is no joint inspection from the concerned offices.
  3. There is no one-time assessment of building-related fees.
  4. Documents are numerous, bulky, and sometimes duplicated.
  5. There are no downloadable forms for building permits and occupancy.
  6. There are no personnel to contact for inquiries.
  7. There is an issue with the number and availability of signatories.
  8. Information dissemination is a challenge for CGM.
  9. Employees should refrain from transacting personally with clients.
  10. Strict rules should be prescribed on structural analysis.
  11. Applicants must be informed of the status of their application and the requirements.
  12. Applicants want a simpler inspection and evaluation process for the simultaneous processing of clearance.
  13. There is an issue with the availability of service vehicles.
  14. Forms are not standardized.
  15. There is a lack of parking slots.

The insights were summarized in the following themes:

  1. Payment processes
  2. Forms and document requirements
  3. Applicant
  4. Signatories, employees, and approval

Innovation Project

The Brain Child came up with the Building Permit One-Stop-Shop, a huge project which features include a unified billing system, joint inspection, and online application system, as their innovation project.  The description for each solution ideas are as follows:

ONE-STOP-SHOP Unified area solely for building permit application
UNIFIED BILLING SYSTEM One-time payment for all building application-related fees
JOINT INSPECTION Unified inspection for all concerned offices to address the unavailability of vehicle during inspections
ONLINE APP SYSTEM Updates applicants about the status of their application via text message

Project Success Measures

Through the Building Permit One-Stop-Shop project, the agency will be able to improve the processing system of the building permit. Thus, the success measures of the project are as follows:

  1. To set service standards in processing building permits by reducing the cycle time to at least 50%
  2.  Ensure client satisfaction and contribute to the City Government of Muntinlupa’s competitiveness and most business-friendly LGU brand
  3. Stress-free, fast and easy processing of building permits
  4. Receiving to releasing in 5 days