Ms. Winnie Rayos-Dimanlig, Head of Ugnayan sa Pasig of the City Government of Pasig, shared the Ugnayan sa Pasig during the 2021 APO Course on Development of Public-Sector Productivity Specialists on March 5, 2021.

Ms. Rayos-Dimanlig said that “transparency and cultivating an informed and involved public is crucial in implementing good governance and establishing the constituents’ trust in its local government. Authored by Mayor Vico Sotto, the Ordinance 37 entitled “Pasig Transparency Mechanism Ordinance of 2018” paved the way for the creation of Ugnayan sa Pasig (Freedom of Information Office) as the Public Participation, Accountability, and Transparency Unit of the city government.”

The  Ugnayan sa Pasig aimed to provide the public with an avenue for immediate assistance for their socio-economic concerns; to improve transparency through easy access to government service documents, projects, and transactions; and encourage the public to actively participate in crafting effective policies that respond to their needs.