Implementing Agency:

City Government of Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Year Implemented:



Digitization & New Technologies

General Description

The Men.Go mobile application is a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) initiative that aims to increase the use of public transport by providing an integrated platform with convenient features such as journey planning, real-time update, and online payment integration.

Background and Problem

Kaohsiung has an extensive public transport system composed of a network of railways, buses, ferries, bike rental and sharing, and scooter sharing stations. However, despite the presence of such infrastructure, the market share of public transport in Kaohsiung is only 9.88%, far behind scooters and motorcycles (65.14%) and private cars (20.4%).

Solution and Impact

To increase the market share of public transport, the Kaohsiung City Government decided to implement a MaaS initiative. It aims to contribute to the reduction of accidents and pollution by encouraging citizens to use the public or service-based transportation instead.

This led to the development of Men.Go, an integrated platform that brings together all available public transport options into a single intuitive app that can do everything from travel planning to payments. The app has three main features: journey planning, real-time transportation updates, and an online payment portal that offers a range of packages for passengers to choose from depending on their transportation needs.


From 28 September 2018 to 30 June 2020, the MaaS initiative has registered over 27,400 members, sold over 124,000 package passes, and recorded approximately 1,000,500 trips. It has also contributed to increasing ridership, as 21% of MaaS users are new users of public transport services.


Men.Go App (Source: Kaohsiung City Government)

Men.Go Adult and Student Cards (Source: C.H. Chen)

Public transportations where Men.Go Cards can be used (Source: Kaohsiung City Government)


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