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Road to Quality Customer Service


Palawan State University

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Customer and Citizen Focus

Year Implemented



The “Road to Quality Customer Service” aims to provide the client’s needs in a faster and more convenient way. In 2017, Dr. Carlos Alfonso C. Salvador was designated as the University Registrar of Palawan State University. In his first year in the office, he studied and analyzed the policies and processing of documents and implemented them in 2018.

Background and Problem


  1. To provide clients with quality customer service.
  2. To streamline the processing of documents.
  3. To increase the productivity of the office.

One of the challenges and concerns faced by the Office of the University Registrar (OUR), needed to address the complaints they received from the clients, whether in person or through social media (e.g. Facebook). Because of that, Dr. Salvador wanted to change this kind of negative image of the office and came up with a solution to make the processing of documents faster and more efficient by streamlining some of their working methods and turning the complicated process into a simpler one.

Solution and Impact

Practice Context

From the past situation of having a huge amount of complaints from the clients, the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) aims to make the transactions easier by streamlining their transactions.

Practice Efficiency

In order to make the transactions faster, the Registrar’s Office, with the leadership of Dr. Salvador, scheduled the deadlines of releasing in a shorter period of time. The Registrar’s Office separated the Registration/Admission, and Evaluation and the staff who were previously assigned at the windows were transferred as the Registration/Admission of the Evaluation Section in order to make things efficient in the office. There was also the hiring of additional office staff to be assigned at the window. In addition to this, he encouraged all Registrar Staff to be dedicated and committed to their work and serve the clients with respect, patience, and smile.

Practice Effectiveness

As a result, most of the clients were satisfied with the improvement of the OUR, from the staff, the way they process and safe-keep the documents and records of the clients.


Dr. Salvador believed that change is significant in organizations because it could allow the staff, learn new skills, and try new things. He believes that change will open the employees to new opportunities. Change may not be an easy step but the teamwork and unity of the staff made their goal possible and achievable. The Registrar’s Office was satisfied with the outcome of their first step in streamlining the processing of the documents. A lot of clients were satisfied and contented with the result and want to see more of what the Registrar’s Office can do so in the future.