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Buntis Congress


Local Government Unit, Loreto Agusan del Sur

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Leadership, Customer and citizen focus, Human Resource


Buntis Congress is an innovation of the Municipality that aims to improve the survival of women during pregnancy, delivery, post-partum, and reduce mortality of children under five years of age.  Pregnant women were given the same free services provided such as prenatal check-up/consultation, dental services, laboratory tests (urinalysis, blood typing, complete blood count, STI screening) and information education.

Buntis Congress aims to make an impact on health promotion concentrating on care for pregnant women, intensify the health-seeking behavior of women, cultivate a partnership with the barangay council and raise awareness of the activity itself fortifying the individual services served.

Background and Problem

The challenge encountered during Buntis Congress was that not all pregnant women in Loreto participated due to geographical location and lack of transportation, especially those coming from GIDA barangays.

The Buntis Congress is held in all barangays of Loreto and it includes the following activities:

  1. Information drive of the following:
    • Prenatal care/postnatal care
    • Teenage pregnancy
    • Good hygiene and nutrition
    • Dental care
    • Family planning
    • Exclusive breastfeeding
    • Newborn screening
    • Immunization of children
  2. Conducted laboratory services to all pregnant women such as
    • RBS
    • CBC
    • Urinalysis
    • Blood typing
  3. Provision of a hygiene kit.

Furthermore, Buntis Congress also conducts the “Search for Outstanding Buntis” which is used to encourage positive health-seeking behavior. A pregnant woman is given the award if she was able to visit the RHU Four times for Prenatal visit and has completely undergone all the required laboratory services including CBC, UA, Hemoglobin, and TT5.

Solution and Impact

Buntis Congress is a promotional activity of the LGU, and thus its impact is improving the health-seeking behavior of pregnant women. The activity also cultivates stronger partnerships with barangay councils. Through this partnership, the LGU can deploy barangay health workers to support the health workers from the LGU and the DOH. Through this, the LGU is able to decrease rates of maternal death and teenage pregnancy in all barangays in Loreto.


  • The accomplishment of 2017 CPR – 17%
  • Jan up to present for 2019 – 36.2%
  • Immunization 2017-63%
  • Jan-June 2019-60%